Hendrik Bouman on his Compositions

My grand Chaconne in B minor for harpsichord is a series of twenty-one variations on a recurring ostinato bass.

As is customary, the piece displays a climactic development towards the end with ever quicker note values and the use of all the three stops - two eight-foot registers and one four-foot - of the harpsichord that I designed and completed building in 2006. The last variation, however, finds its way back to calmer waters and a sense of peace is left when the final chord dies out.”

“On my CD 7 Baroque Solos for Anna, each musician shows himself at his most intimate.

Not called expressly to please an audience, the player is alone with himself and his instrument. As if without invitation, and almost by chance, we catch the musician unawares. He may be playing in his study, sitting down at the kitchen table while everyone is otherwise occupied, or he is elsewhere, under the trees, by day or by night, or even on a stage playing for a dark and empty hall, long after the audience has left.

©Hendrik Bouman, Chaconne in B minor

Music - Baroque style

Composer - Hendrik Bouman

Performer - Hendrik Bouman

World Première - Eastbourne Festival, United Kingdom

Recorded - at Church of Saint Michael & All Angels, Berwick, Sussex, United Kingdom  2015

Harpsichord - designed and built by Hendrik Bouman in 2006

CD 7 Baroque Solos for Anna  ARYA

©Hendrik Bouman, Chaconne en Si mineur

Musique - style baroque

Compositeur - Hendrik Bouman

Interprète - Hendrik Bouman

Première mondiale - Eastbourne Festival, Royaume Uni

Enregistré - à l’Église Saint Michael & All Angels, Berwick, Sussex, Royaume Uni  2015

Clavecin - conçu et fabriqué par Hendrik Bouman, 2006

CD 7 Baroque Solos for Anna  ARYA

Whatever its backdrop, the solitary music leaves the underlying stillness intact, and its measured time is only a passing drop in the undulating ocean of timelessness.

Unaccompanied solo literature seems to be rather rare, not because it was not done, but  precisely because it was ...‘just done’ by the master, yet seldom transformed into a score, unless he, as is the case of J.S. Bach, chooses to do so.

©Hendrik Bouman: Chaconne in B minor

Hendrik Bouman - harpsichordist

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