CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna' [Arya]

ARYA - Baroque SAMuse, direction Hendrik Bouman

"Fascinating. The music is very good; the fact that you have attracted so many eminent players certainly says something about your work."

A. Kaptainis, music journalist, Toronto National Post

"Masterful Notes in Masters' Style"

"Some local music buffs will recall Bouman's meteoric Montreal career in the 1980's... after seven years with the groundbreaking German ensemble Musica Antiqua Köln. Finally the Dutch-born harpsichordist made the leap from improvising in the styles of the baroque and classical masters to composing formal notated music in these styles.” 

The Gazette, Montréal, Canada



Recording on the 1647 Ruckers-Taskin harpsichord

"This piece that you have just played, this improvisation, could very well have been part of the great baroque repertoire as it fully embraces the style of that century, that era.”

Radio France/France Musiques, Paris

Anne Montaron, producer "À l’Improviste"

Menuet du Matin'

"It is so beautiful that we decided to adopt 'Menuet de Matin' as the programme theme."

Martine Caron, producer, Les Bonheurs de Sophie,

Radio Canada, Montréal

CDs 'Notebook for Anna I & II' [double album]

ARYA - Baroque SAMuse, direction Hendrik Bouman

"Among all the many records which pass through our hands, this double album is very, very beautiful."

Jean Bouffard, discothèque CBC/Radio Canada, Montréal

CDs 'Notebook for Anna I & II' [double album]

ARYA - Baroque SAMuse, direction Hendrik Bouman

"A very beautiful product and very well made."

François Paré, Music Director,

Radio Classique, Montréal

"Time Stands Still with BOUMAN'S Chic Baroque -NOUVEAU COMPOSITIONS"

"Not only does Hendrik Bouman compose his own music, he even builds his harpsichords. In the St. Catherine Chapel he revealed himself an excellent performer whose playing is both lyrical and intelligent.”

Veluws Dagblad, Holland

"As a performer and a contemporary baroque composer, Hendrik Bouman is an extremely talented man. He could be taken for one of the Masters.”

Fen Watkin, Conductor [Order of Canada]

The Guardian, Canada


"The technical fireworks which Bouman provides him with [Hajo Bäss, premiering Hendrik Bouman's Fantasy for Solo Violin] start lighting up the night air."

The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, Canada



"An hour and a half of inspired music making. It is not how cleanly a harpsichordist executes the notes. Hundreds of performers can do that. What separates the artist from the rest of the pack is how he or she chooses to breathe life into this ever-changing ever-contrasting music. Bouman’s artistry came through time after time."

The Oregonian, Portland, USA

20th C. World Première of LULLY'S ' Amadis'

Les Nations de Montréal, direction Hendrik Bouman

Atelier de l'Opéra, université Laval, Québec

'Live' broadcast by Les Grands Concerts de Radio Canada and in France, Belgium and Switzerland by Radio Canada International.


"Happily, all the instrumental music was in good hands, those of the orchestra Les Nations de Montréal directed by Hendrik Bouman. Mr. Bouman played the exacting harpsichord part with remarkable mastery throughout."

Le Devoir, Montréal

Prestige Concert' in the Mozart Festival of the Opera of Montréal

"Hendrik Bouman, who played for several years with Musica Antiqua Köln, has nimble fingers. He played the fortepiano in a manner that made one sit up. His imaginative style of playing made the evening interesting and often exciting."

The Gazette, Montreal, Canada

Schubert's Winterreise

Max van Egmond, barytone & Hendrik Bouman, pianoforte

"...le jeu sûr et très soigné de Hendrik Bouman." 

                                      Le Soleil, Ville de Québec

“In his presentation of Mozart on the Fortepiano, Bouman played Mozart's piano music in such a passionate manner that it refuted all cold and erroneous notions of Mozart being a "not-yet-Beethoven."

Il Messaggero, Genova, Italy

J.S. Bach - Harpsichord Concerto

"The most exciting of all was of course the D major Harpsichord Concerto with Hendrik Bouman as soloist; his articulation and perfect technique made his rendering highly communicative."

Bonner Tageszeitung, Bonn, Germany

J.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concerto V

"...the breathlessly eloquent harpsichord cadenza in the Fifth Brandenburg Concerto, as given by Orchestre Les Nations de Montréal's artistic director Hendrik Bouman."

The Gazette, Montreal, Canada

Bach / Reincken Sonata for Harpsichord

DGG/Archiv - CD German Chamber Music Before Bach

“Thanks to the excellent harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman, the basso continuo is of an exciting plasticity; he has a marked rhythmical sense and a brillant capacity to create dynamics by means of his agogic play. His impressive solo [Bach’s elaborate harpsichord arrangement of a triosonata by Reincken] shows off the superb quality of this technically and musically remarkable harpsichordist.”

Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz, Germany

Bach / Reincken Sonata for Harpsichord

“Harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman played a sonata [by Reincken] for harpsichord arranged by J.-S. Bach. The performer played with verve, producing dynamic variety by his handling of the phrasing and the tempos."

Sunday Times, Malta

“Hendrik Bouman made an extraordinary impression."

Duisburg, Germany

"Hendrik Bouman made his marvellous harpsichord shine in a mature and extremely concentrated interpretation of Frescobaldi's Romanesca Variations."

Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Köln, Germany

CD Telemann: Chamber Concertos

DGG/Archive - Musica Antiqua Köln

"Equally exquisite is the sound with which the young ensemble Musica Antiqua Köln's eight musicians - Germans, an Englishman, and the excellent Dutch harpsichordist and organist Henk [Hendrik] Bouman recorded Telemann’s chamber concertos in various formations."

  1. Kleine Zeitung Graz, Austria

raesfeld castle

Ensemble Mateus - direction Marie Leonhardt

"Hendrik Bouman at the harpsichord secured a solid basso continuo accompaniment throughout, and was equally convincing as a soloist."

Borkener Zeitung, Germany

J.S. Bach - ToccatA in D major

"Harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman gave a remarkably poetic interpretation of one of Bach's Toccatas."       

Dagblad van het Oosten, Netherlands

“A virtuoso, a gifted musician, a very fine person; his music is so inspiring."

The Guardian, Charlottetown, Canada

"With his spontaneity, originality dynamic playing the excellent harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman was in the spotlight time and again."

Westfälische Rundschau, Germany

HEndrik Bouman, CONDUCTOR



Les Nations de Montréal, direction Hendrik Bouman


"The challenge was to present to several thousands of people a music which was not intended to be performed in such a setting [a sport stadium]. First let us make clear that everything was centred around the exceptional personality of Hendrik Bouman. Literally inhabited by music, he is a veritable source of inspiration for the musicians he directs, as well as for the audience that listens. He possesses a sense of rhythm, of respiration, of phrasing and of colour, one encounters very rarely. Also, he has revealed himself to be a very gifted communicator and an extraordinary charmer of the masses."

Le Devoir, Montréal


Les Nations de Montréal, direction Hendrik Bouman

"Better still: Hendrik Bouman infused this familiar music with such rhythmic vitality and originality of accentuation, that he made us somehow rediscover it."

La Presse, Montréal

HAYDN's  Symphony 102

Les Nations de Montréal, direction Hendrik Bouman

"Bouman obtained not only a remarkable coordination from all the musicians, but also a perfect unity of style and vision. The result is precise, energetic and expressive, and his choice of tempi is always right. In Haydn, the emotion expressed in the Adagio (yes I mean emotion, like in Bruno Walter’s interpretation), and later the humour in the final Presto was, by no means, a matter of chance."

La Presse, Montréal


Les Nations de Montréal, direction Hendrik Bouman

"To supply something distinctive within the limits of the no longer novel authentic genre would be a tall order. Hendrik Bouman and Les Nations succeeded in this task early. In terms of intonation, togetherness, semantic organisation and lyric impulse, the orchestra gave performances that can stand with those of celebrated rival organisations overseas and south of the border. "

The Gazette, Montréal


"The most elaborate of the weekend’s musical events took place within the impressive walls of the Notre Dame Basilica, and brought together several hundred choristers, fifty instrumentalists, soloists Chantal Rémillard and Alain Pièrard and over 2000 spectators in a giant celebration of music - the Québec mass 'Tu me cherches' by Alain Pièrard, prayer and communion. Coordinating the various components was a feat in itself and the conductor Hendrik Bouman, who is another early music specialist, managed the task magnifcently.

The Gazette, Montréal

CD 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna, [Arya]

ARYA - Baroque SAMuse, direction Hendrik Bouman

“Bouman's writing is elegant and well grounded in knowledge of historic styles and performance practice.  ...both delightful and tasteful in its joie-de-vivre and bravura...bristling with energy, elegance, dialogue...reminding the listener that music is a supreme form of entertainment. His scoring for strings is exemplary… Bouman does not compromise when it comes to his choice of players; the disc sparkles with instrumental performance at its best.”

The Harpsichord and Fortepiano Magazine,

United Kingdom

HRH Princess diana's ground'

"Hendrik Bouman was so moved by her passing that he composed a special tribute in her honour. It was written only yesterday and we are pleased to be able to share it with you...Here is Princess Diana's Ground composed and performed by Hendrik Bouman."

CBC / Radio Canada, Television Prime Time News,

Charlottetown, Canada, September 2nd, 1997

CDs 'Notebook for Anna I & II' [double album]

ARYA - Baroque SAMuse, direction Hendrik Bouman

I play the copy I purchased over and over and I’m impressed each time.”

Steve Andrusiak, Executive Producer,

CBCTV, Maritimes, Canada

Transcriptions for Harpsichord DUo of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos & Orchestral Suites

"One feels the extremely gifted harpsichordist [Hendrik Bouman] who [both in his transcription and his performance] knows how to derive from the baroque orchestra all its magnificence and play of contrasts with an extraordinarily alert suppleness."

Le Soleil, Quebec City, Canada

Transcription for Harpsichord DUo of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto III

The Italian premiere of Bouman's superb transcription

"... perfect team-work between the Maestro and his protégé  guaranteed an immaculate performance of this stupendous piece which did not lose anything in its reduction but remained faithful to the original score in spite of its witty elaborations and its very beautiful cadenza-in-canon [composed by Hendrik Bouman] which bridges the first and the last movement."

Il Messagero, Genova, Italy


“This passion has led Hendrik Bouman to study the harpsichord, how to play it, how to build it, and eventually to compose new music for the instrument in the style of the Baroque, as in the time of the great Johann Sebastian Bach. In an intimate setting with scant lighting, a chandelier at his side, Bouman has entertained and, ever so subtly, enlightened his audience with his harpsichord music, which certainly pleased the many music lovers who had gathered for the concert.” 

La Voix Acadienne, Canada


J.S. Bach - 2 SOLO Ricercari FOR HARPSICHORD

"Very warm applause for the harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman who imparted to the six voice Ricercar [Musical Offering] a density and vastness which communicates to us the grandeur of Bach's sound universe."

Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, Strasbourg, France

CD J.S. Bach: Two solo Ricercari FOR HARPSICHORD

From the 'Musical Offering' - DGG/Archive

“In the two solo Ricercari which frame the Musical Offering of Bach, Hendrik Bouman reveals himself to be a harpsichordist of a marvellous nobility."

Salzburger Nachrichten, Austria

J.S. Bach: Musical Offering

Musica Antiqua Köln

"Hendrik Bouman was assigned the two solo versions of the Ricercari from Bach's Musical Offering; the music emerged rich and vivid, far more than is usually the case."

Hong Kong Standard Weekender, Hong Kong

“Bouman is primarily a soloist who, in his accompaniments demonstrates a great capacity of adaptation and restraint. While meticulously maintaining the musical structure, he yet conveys a sense of free improvisation. This very balance carries art to its highest attainment."

Tagesblatt Heidelberg, Germany


"With his excellent and briliant touché, his precipitous tempi, the Dutch harpsichordist, Hendrik Bouman, gave a performance full of joyful vitality that was truly wonderful... Brilliant performances of Bach and Couperin also."

Il Secolo XIX, Genova, Italy


"The solo by the Dutch harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman was of a quality one rarely hears."

Eindhovens Dagblad, Netherlands


DGG/Archive - Musica Antiqua Köln

"The interpretation is of a very high quality. One realizes this notably in Suite No2, with Hendrik Bouman at the harpsichord, by sheer comparison: no other version has ever reached such clean articulation, rhythmic discipline, or dynamic equilibrium among the entwining voices." 

Diapason, Paris

Brühl Castle

Musica Antiqua Köln

"The overall presentation was technically and musically sovereign, whereby especially Hendrik Bouman’s sensitive and expressive harpsichord playing was very convincing."

Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Köln, Germany

"A performance beyond all praise, in which the musicians Reinhard Goebel, Hajo Bäss and Ingrid Seifert [violins], Charles Medlam [cello], Jonathan Cable [violone], as well as Dutch harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman, who leads the music unnoticeably, presented in a brilliant manner the various Fantasias [by Young] in all their intricacies."

Bremer Nachrichten, Bremen, Germany

Twenty Year After”

Complete Flute Sonatas by J.S. Bach


DGG/Archiv re-issue 2010 [Gramophone award, London]

Wilbert Hazelzet, flute, Hendrik Bouman, harpsichord 

“...the treats come when Henk [Hendrik] Bouman accompanies Wilbert Hazelzet in the works for flute. Bouman extracts a softer timbre from his instruments and his own style has an accommodating graciousness that matches the musicianship of his colleagues. Indeed, all three are superlative, and they persuasively demonstrate how to be historically justified and historically informed without resorting to intransigent dogma that is inimical to interpretation.” 

Gramophone, United Kingdom

CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

ARYA - The Baroque Muse, direction Hendrik Bouman

"The first item on the disc, a Harpsichord Concerto opens with a fresh, positive Allegro, with Bouman's playing articulate, lively swayed and with plenty of flair."

The Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine, United Kingdom

Hendrik Bouman is an extraordinarily fine harpsichord player. His playing is subtle, immaculate, and beautifully


The Mail Star, Halifax, Canada

"Hendrik Bouman, one of the best harpsichordists in the world."

ATV Halifax, Canada

"Hendrik Bouman proved his superb mastery in the art of harpsichord playing: his immaculate virtuosity, his detailed vision and vast array of colours."

Reutlinger Nachrichten, Reutlingen, Germany

toronto Tafelmusik soloists

Concert Tour in Ontario & Montréal Québec

"With splendid continuo work by organist Hendrik Bouman and cellist Christina Mahler, and equally splendid obbligato playing by violinists Jean Lemon and Stephen Marvin, the Tafelmusik Baroque Soloists ably complemented Suzie Le Blanc, soprano and Crispian Steele-Perkins, natural trumpet."

The Toronto Daily Star, Canada

HEndrik Bouman, CONDUCTOR


Handel's 'Messiah

Portland Baroque Orchestra & Choir,

Guest conductor - Hendrik Bouman

"superb performance"

“Hendrik Bouman, guest conductor, provided sensitive leadership in Saturday's superb performance of Handel's Messiah. He appeared to work on an enormous and colourful canvas. Bouman’s tempi glittered, faithful to the dances that inspired much of the baroque musical idiom. This undercurrent of life and movement swept the work along on a crest of energy. The vitality of the performance was compelling and untiring. The result was a Messiah that was intelligent, jubilant, musical and highly civilised."

The Oregonian, Portland, USA

CD Musique en Nouvelle France

REM / Radio Canada - Haydn Heritage,

direction Hendrik Bouman

"We hear in the ensemble Haydn-Heritage, recently formed by that extraordinary harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman, whom we have known for many years beside [at the core of Musica Antiqua Köln], immense musical and stylistic qualities, in a unique programme of great beauty and rendered with a faith and a charm, one does not always encounter where one would most expect it."          

Diapason, Paris

20th C. World Première of LULLY'S ' Amadis'

Les Nations de Montréal, direction Hendrik Bouman

Atelier de l'Opéra, université Laval, Québec

'Live' broadcast by Les Grands Concerts de Radio Canada and in France, Belgium and Switzerland by Radio Canada International.


"Hendrik Bouman, former member of the prestigious ensemble Musica Antiqua Köln, was clearly determined to win the public: not only to demonstrate a rending which was a credit to the subject but also, and especially, to impose his ensemble on the vast public which listened in the concert hall and at the 'live' broadcast on the radio. The Nations established very high standards here; what I heard 'live' on the radio Friday night was just as good and as beautiful as what we hear on records from the best ensembles from abroad on period instruments."

La Presse, Montréal

20th C. World Première of LULLY'S ' Amadis'


"Happily, all the instrumental music was in good hands, those of the orchestra Les Nations de Montréal directed by Hendrik Bouman. Mr. Bouman played the exacting harpsichord part with remarkable mastery throughout."

Le Devoir, Montréal


Little BachTrack composed  and performed by ©Hendrik Bouman

Italian harpsichord designed and built by Hendrik Bouman, CD Notebook for Anna  I 1997 [Arya]

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