©Hendrik Bouman, Concerto for Recorder

& Strings in C major, mvt. II - adagio

dedicatee - Heiko ter Schegget

Music - 18th Century Baroque style

Composer - Hendrik Bouman

Ensemble - Baroque SaMuse, Hendrik Bouman

Soloist - Heiko ter Schegget

World Première - Brighton, United Kingdom 2009

Recorded - at Viscount Gage’s ancestral manor, Firle Place in the Sussex Downs, United Kingdom

Recorder - built by Heiko ter Schegget, after

J. Steenbergen

CD 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna  ARYA


©Hendrik Bouman, Concerto pour Flûte à bec & Cordes en Do majeur, mvt. II - adagio

dedicatee - Heiko ter Schegget

Musique - style baroque du XVIIIe siècle

Compositeur - Hendrik Bouman

Ensemble - Baroque SaMuse, Hendrik Bouman

Soliste - Heiko ter Schegget

Première mondiale - Brighton, Royaume Uni 2009

Enregistré - au manoir ancestral du Vicomte Gage, Firle Place, Sussex, Royaume Uni

Flûte à bec - fabriquée par Heiko ter Schegget, d’après

J. Steenbergen

CD 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna  ARYA

Hendrik Bouman on his Compositions

The Recorder Concerto, which I composed on the French Côte d’Azur, is the most concise of the five concertos.

In the quick movements the ritornello and its Da Capo (the literal repeat of the initial ritornello at the end of a movement) appear to frame one continuous solo, as in the Preludes of J.S. Bach’s English Suites.

The opening theme of the first movement recalls the restrained character of an instrumental sinfonia in German church cantatas.

The pastoral middle movement with its slowly shifting harmonies, marries melody with texture, characteristic of music from Venice.

The opening of the Finale with its syncopations, suspensions and irregular metrical groupings brings in an element of wit, and the recorder is given ample occasion to display virtuosity through its warbling arpeggios, culminating, just before the end, in one of its highest notes.”

“The 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna are the fruit of the sweet and persuasive requests from my beloved wife and muse Anna, that I would compose new concertos in the style we both love.”

The 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna are a tribute to those masters who first ventured into the concerto genre. One of the characteristic formal principles of the Baroque concerto to which I adhere in most movements, is the familiar Vivaldian ritornello format in which the orchestral opening recurs throughout a movement, in full, reduced, varied, or in different tonalities, thus emphasizing the contrast between the solo and tutti sections.”

Hendrik Bouman, Pondichéry, 2017

©Hendrik Bouman: Recorder Concerto in C major - II Ensemble Baroque SaMuse, direction Hendrik Bouman

Soloist: Heiko ter Schegget

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