J.Ph. Rameau / ©Hendrik Bouman: Entrée

‘Les Boréades’ - The Lord’s compassion

Music - 18th Century Baroque style

Composer - Hendrik Bouman

Performer - Hendrik Bouman

World Première - Montréal Canada 1997

Recorded - ‘live’ in the Église de St.-Jean,

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France 2015

Harpsichord - designed and built by Hendrik Bouman 

CD 1st Notebook for Anna  ARYA


J.Ph. Rameau / ©Hendrik Bouman: Entrée

du ‘Les Boréades’- The Lord’s compassion

Musique - style baroque du XVIIIe siècle

Compositeur - Hendrik Bouman

Interprète - Hendrik Bouman

Première mondiale - Montréal Canada 1997

Enregistré - en concert dans l’Église de

St.-Jean, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France 2015

Clavecin - conçu et fabriqué par Hendrik Bouman

CD 1st Notebook for Anna  ARYA

Hendrik Bouman on his works

‘My transcription of Rameau’s Entrée from his operatic work Les Boréades, came from an inner realisation that the piece in its orchestral version may go back to a prototype that was written for the  harpsichord.

To my eyes, ears and fingers it is clear that the piece shows traces of keyboard idiom. It is well known that a number of pieces which Rameau had written originally for the harpsichord, re-appear later as orchestral pieces in his operas. The fact that no keyboard version of his Entrée from Les Boréades has been found does certainly not exclude that there may have existed one. Even if it was just a prototype, it seems rather evident that Rameau, being a most accomplished harpsichordist himself, did at least some of his composing at the keyboard.

So, I became tempted to make a plausible reconstruction of a harpsichord piece that may have been at the origin of  his enchanting Entrée. It remains to mention that Rameau, in his genius, wove a bassoon part into the orchestral version makes the piece sheerly unforgettable.”

Hendrik Bouman, Toulouse, 2019

Transcription of J.Ph. Rameau’s

Les Boréades - Entrée by ©Hendrik Bouman:

Hendrik Bouman - harpsichordist

harpsichord designed & built by Hendrik Bouman

lid paining by the Italian artist Gino Arcidiacono

deocoration of the case & soundboard by Delight Bouman & Hendrik Bouman

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