Recordings by Hendrik [Henk] Bouman [more than 50 reissues]

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Enregistrements de Hendrik [Henk] Bouman

[plus de 50 ré-éditions]

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Musica Antiqua Köln’s CD catalogue - over 50 re-éditions of albums

recorded from 1996 to 1984: with principal harpsichordist Hendrik Bouman

Catalogue of Hendrik Bouman’s compositions in baroque and classical styles  - 135 works (equivalent of 20 CDs)

In 2018 for the 20th Anniversary of the first issue on CD of Hendrik Bouman’s compositions (which he writes in Baroque & Classical styles]

ARYA produced a limited edition Box Set of 7 CDs of his concertos, unaccompanied instrumental solos and solo keyboard music.