THE BAROQUE MUSE performs Baroque music with the appropriate instruments, mastery and panache one would expect from an ensemble whose musicians are principal players or leaders [concert masters] of renowned orchestras, and reputed soloists in their own right.

Yet, The Baroque Muse's distinguishing feature is its original repertoire, drawn predominantly from the ever-increasing catalogue of widely acclaimed period music, written in our day by its artistic director, Hendrik Bouman.

The wealth of music, which Hendrik Bouman composes in the musical languages of 17th and 18th Century Europe, is deeply rooted in his lifelong performance experience, spanning 34 years.

The Baroque Muse is a meeting of congenial musician friends from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France,  Norway  and  Canada,  with  whom  Hendrik Bouman.

To hear a performance of The Baroque Muse is to experience the immediacy and actuality we associate with a baroque band of the 18th Century, whereby the composer-performer, his friends and colleagues entertain us with the presentation of new works.

The Baroque Muse reclaims our rich musical heritage as a living language bridging the repertoire of centuries past and that of our present day.

The Baroque Muse's Concerto Programmes are performed on a one-to-a-part basis, a practice widely adhered to in the 18th Century. With few musicians The Baroque Muse evokes at once the grandeur of an orchestra and the subtle interplay of chamber music, optimally rendering the textures and balance in baroque concertos, be they composed in the seventeen hundreds or in the 21st Century.

Masterful Notes in Masters' Styles” - The Gazette, Montréal, Canada

“Time stands still with his compositions”  - Veluws Dagblad, Netherlands

“Bouman's writing is both delightful and tasteful in its joie-de-vivre and bravura - bristling with energy, elegance, dialogue... His scoring for strings is exemplary… Bouman does not compromise when it comes to his choice of players; the disc sparkles with instrumental performance at its best.” - The Harpsichord and Fortepiano Magazine, UK

In September 2009 Hendrik Bouman founded Baroque SaMuse / The Baroque Muse, a period ensemble of variable formation, with his friends with whom he has collaborated and premiered his works over the years. All are reputed soloists and principal players or leaders [concert masters] of renowned period orchestras: Simon Standage from the United Kingdom, Hajo Bäss, [co-founder of Musica Antiqua Köln] from Germany, Olivier Brault from Québec, Canada, Tormod Dalen from Norway based in France, Grégoire Jeay from France based in Québec and Heiko ter Schegget from the Netherlands. British colleagues of recent date, Alison Bury and Andrew Kerr participated, with the The Baroque Muse, in the CD recording of Hendrik Bouman's 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna at Firle Place, Sussex, in November 2009, directly following its premiere in Brighton, United Kingdom, in which Julia Bishop and Judy Tarling played.

The Baroque Muse , direction Hendrik Bouman, St George’s Church Sussex, United Kingdom 2009. 

left to right:  Heiko ter Schegget, Hendrik Bouman,  Simon Standage, 

Olivier Brault,  Judy Tarling, Andrew Kerr, Tormod Dalen

Baroque SaMuse / The Baroque Muse

Hendrik Bouman - Composer / Soloist / Director

Viscount Gage’s ancestral manor, Firle Place, Sussex, UK

St. George’s Church, Brighton, Sussex, UK