The Dutchman, Hendrik [Henk] Bouman is counted among the most innovative specialists on the international Early Music scene.

With an innate affinity for the music of the 17th and 18th century, he reveals himself as an "extraordinary 1 harpsichordist, a fortepianist “with an imaginative style of playing” 2, a conductor who is "literally inhabited by music 3, and moreover an acclaimed prolific composer who writes "beautiful music of an exceptional quality 4 in period styles of the Baroque and Classical eras.

His improvisations and compositions which he dedicates to his wife and muse Anna, as well as his basso continuo realisations of historical repertoire, are a reference in the field of Early Music today.

Hendrik Bouman performs on harpsichords he designs and builds.

Hendrik Bouman: Ouverture & Suite in G major  -'Réjouissance' 

Concerto Felice, direction  Hendrik Bouman

Indian River Festival, CBC “All the Best”, Canada 1998

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