Since 1994, Hendrik Bouman plays an essential role integrating period-style composition and improvisation in early music practice on stage and in recordings, as well as in coaching aspiring composers of period music.

Hendrik Bouman's innovative compositions8, his extempore improvisations, his transcriptions of Baroque repertoire, as well as his original basso continuo realisations and harpsichord solos as recorded on CD with the ensemble Baroque SaMuse / The Baroque Muse and Musica Antiqua Köln, are a reference in the music world today.

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For over 40 years, Hendrik Bouman has counted among the most innovative and respected specialists of early music gaining a reputation as a “marvellously noble”1 and "extraordinary harpsichordist"2, a "legendary continuo player and soloist"3, who "plays the fortepiano in a manner that makes one sit up"4, a conductor "literally inhabited by music"5, and a prolific composer of period music [to date, the equivalent of 18 CDs], widely acclaimed for its “exceptional quality and beauty”6, “elegance, joy and exemplary scoring”7.

He composes for orchestra, chamber ensemble and unaccompanied solo instruments as well as for voice and choir in the distinctive baroque and classic styles, prevalent in 17th &18th Century Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain and Holland.

To date Hendrik Bouman has recorded 7 CDs of his works and has premiered 100 works thereof in solo and duo recitals, and with his ensembles Concerto Felice, Baroque SaMuse / The Baroque Muse in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and India. His music is also performed in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the United States and recorded on radio and television channels in France, Canada and Denmark and Australia.

Recorder Concerto in C major mvt. II, composed by © Hendrik Bouman - CD 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna  [Arya] The Baroque Muse, direction Hendrik Bouman, soloist Heiko ter Scheggett